Flex Consultancy

Flex Consultancy offers consultancy on conceptualization, development and project management services for independent hotel owners. It is most ideal if Flex Consultancy is involved from the early stages of a project to enable the Flex Consultancy team to guide the development of the project. This usually also ensure the brand philosophy and values have influence over various facets of the project to deliver a holistic and exceptional finished product.

We assist in the design and the planning of the project facilities in cooperation with the appointed designers, consultants and other specialists to provide advice and specifications in the following areas:

Strategic Planning ~ Business Development ~ Operational Excellence ~ Service Quality

Results-driven senior industry professional with a track record of success in high profile multi-national hotels across UK, France, Dubai, Bangladesh & India, utilizing strong leadership, strategy planning, business development and client relationship management expertise; demonstrated excellence in formulating effective sales and business strategies that generate quantifiable results. A career spanning over two decade in the Hospitality Industry.

~   Consistent record of extraordinary results in operational performance, revenue growth & profitability   ~

~   Honed by strategic business sense and a natural panache for service oriented culture   ~ 

Leadership Strengths & Highlights

  • Strategic Planning: Develop & implement strategic initiatives for retention & enhancement of market share & revenue. Implement innovative strategies which have subsequently become industrial benchmarks
  • Marketing & Business Development: Analyze & review market requirements and implement strategies to meet business goals. Identify business opportunities across market segments. Evolve market segmentation & penetration strategies to achieve targets
  • Operations Management: Proven ability in streamlining internal & external reporting processes and implementing latest practices in operations. Skilled in implementing internationally adopted systems, procedures, practices and related regulatory provisions
  • Organizational Development: Significant contributor to organizational development, growth and strategic decision making processes utilizing outstanding management and motivational abilities
  • Training & Development: Identify training needs and conduct customized training programs based on training needs analysis. Groom & mentor potential leaders to take up future leadership roles in the organization
  • Personality Traits: Motivated and goal driven with a strong work ethics, consistently striving for improvement coupled with excellent administrative aptitude with an eye for detail and the commitment to offer quality work

Scope of Work

  1. Streamlining all Operational Departments in implementing the Best practices – will go department wise
  2. FnB service and Production process implementation as per HAPPAC / ISO standards
  3. Correct Food Costing and Kitchen process
  4. Structuring the Stores and all the Sub stores
  5. Accounting process on a Daily, weekly, Monthly and Yearly Basis
  6. Annual Budget and Forecast
  7. Sales and Marketing activities which will cover above the line and below the line activities targeting all the various client groups of the Hotel
  8. Preparation of Sales and Marketing collaterals
  9. Reservation process implementation along with Online distribution
  10. Front Office and Housekeeping Process
  11. Customer Relationship
  12. Soft skill Training along with Technical Training
  13. Website Designing
  14. Booking Engine
  15. Channel Manager
  16. CRS
  17. Developing Job Descriptions and Job allocations
  18. Developing SOP as the Hotel’s requirements
  19. HR Process implementation

Hope you find the above in order, please feel free to discuss if you would require us to address any other areas of operation.