Consultancy Service

Consultancy Service

The main objective of the Consulting Solutions of this software solutions provider is to ensure that the clients succeed with their investment in FLEX InfoTech Limited The proficiency in providing consulting solutions stems from the experience gained from more than 50+ implementations around the globe.

Technology Consulting

The goal of Technology Consulting Solutions is to successfully implement and integrate the core banking systems required by the clients.

Developing a prioritized list of strategic initiatives is the first step. Turning the initiatives into reality requires a clear and detailed blueprint – in other words, a scalable architecture. Delivering software solutions that improve business performance of the clients require the ability to seamlessly integrate systems and solutions via a flexible and scalable design.

As this software company in Bhutan operates exclusively in the financial solutions industry, the strategic know-how and understanding of key technology drivers to plan the adoption, development and integration of advanced technology into clients business, enables this business solutions provider to gain competitive advantage over the others.

Implementation Consulting

The key features of Implementation Consulting are:

  • Matching standard SoftNet functions to client business requirements.
  • Identifying SoftNet functions that need to be configured.
  • Creating a plan for implementing functions specifically required to meet client’s needs.
  • Estimating the cost and level of effort for each project phase and therefore reducing the risk of project over runs.

Project Management Solutions

With proven experience in deploying our core banking software globally, the project manager ensures that a project is completed on time and within budget. All our project managers have been trained and continue to go through an ongoing training program to ensure consistent management techniques, as well as overall successful project deployments.

Design and Implementation Solutions

Based on the company’s extensive knowledge of software and the client’s requirements, the consulting teams provide expert assistance to quickly develop business process flows and map them to FLEX InfoTech Limited functionality.

Project Quality Reviews

he review assesses the project’s progress from a business perspective and includes project planning, project control, progress against plan, adherence to any client specified methodology, forecast of remaining effort, change control, customer satisfaction and quality control.

Implementation Readiness Reviews

Experienced consultants evaluate key areas, identify risks and make recommendations to ensure that client project is on-track for a successful implementation. Using comparison techniques to our proven best practices, the team recommends the most appropriate approach in problem areas and specific recommendations to mitigate any identified risks.

Center of Excellence

A Client Center of Excellence is the concept of building a centralized team consisting of both clients and FLEX InfoTech Limited resources to provide guidance and consistency to the client’s projects. It enables the client to best leverage FLEX InfoTech Limited technology and to achieve their business vision throughout the entire company.

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