Flex Hospitality






Flex is a full-fledged Property Management System (PMS) system for hotel, resort & guest house, which assists companies to run their company efficiently, economically and productively. Based on distributed, configurable architecture and .NET technologies this application covers all of the major workflows of a property.

Flex Business Solution takes your business beyond traditional PMS, streamlining operations across your whole organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions. As a highly flexible and scalable PMS, Flex Business Solution can be deployed to fit your sole operational necessities, resources and budget. The Modules you will get with this Solution are listed below.

Why choose Flex Hospitality?

Flex Hospitality Management System provides all the tools you need to efficiently manage your property. It functions from managing your reservation & sales, bar and restaurant, guest information’s, back office, spa, store, and etc.

Flex’s All-In-One Property Management System ensures that you as a customer benefits from all the modules you have chosen for your property, giving you the flexibility to manage you guest(s) from the day they have made the reservation(s) to the day they check out.

Easy to Learn & Use

Flex gives you a very nice looking and friendly user interface that makes your employee learn the software quickly. This also means that you do not have to send your employees to expensive trainings. Flex PMS is not only easy to learn, it makes the transactions seamless and smooth.


Flex handles any combination of taxes, discounts, fees, service charges etc. in one particular transaction. That gives you complete flexibility to accommodate anything into the customer slip. The system efficiently calculates all kinds of combinations per transaction and gives you accurate data all the time.


We know that your business is important and the accuracy matters when it comes to calculating your business transactions. Therefore, we never compromise anything that might let you down. Flex is highly reliable and always gives accurate results.

Neat Reporting

Flex gives you all kinds of reports that can be generated on the transactions of a single selling point. These reports give you tabular and graphic representation of your sales and store inventory. That gives you an idea about the trend of your customers, and helps you take the right business moves!

User friendly

Are you looking for a locally developed reliable Hospitality Management System? Then, Flex Hospitality is the answer. As the hospitality industries grow in Bhutan, most hoteliers would want a reliable PMS. All the features available in the Flex are user friendly and can be operated with minimal training.

Not dependent on internet

Internet in Bhutan is not stable, and having cloud based is not a preferable choice of many customers due to the internet dependency. Our software is desktop version where local network is required to operate. Users can access Flex from outside of property using internet if they global IP Address.

Can be customized to your need

We have all the features required by most of the hotels across the country. Should there be a need to upgrade new features, it can be done easily.

Locally developed, hence best local support

The Flex Hospitality Management System is locally developed software. We have a set local support team who can give better support then online/remote support.


When it comes to business transactions, security is a big issue and it can never be compromised by an automated system. Flex makes sure just about that. You can control who can use which features and who can view which data through our robust security features.


Whenever we develop new features we do not charge our customer for upgrade, unlike the other PMS where the customer lands of paying for update/upgrade.

Third party Integration

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